Hackers warn make sure you update these devices as soon

Hackers warn: make sure you update these devices as soon as possible

Smart devices such as refrigerators, robotic vacuum cleaners and doorbells are tremendously convenient, but also dangerous. If you’re not careful, these devices are like an open door that hackers can walk right through. This can have far-reaching consequences, because if you’re not careful, they can penetrate your smartphone and laptop from there.

Yet many consumers are not aware of the risks and what they can do about it. This is becoming an increasing problem as the amount of smart devices in our homes continues to grow. For this reason, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change (EZK) has started a new campaign, and in doing so they are calling on the help of hackers.

The dangers of smart devices

Ethical hackers that is. Like all other hackers, they look for vulnerabilities in hardware and software. The difference, however, is in the purpose. Where many hackers do it for their own benefit (capturing data or holding computers hostage), an ethical hacker has very different goals. They break in to give companies and governments a chance to close a leak.

In the above Hack Battle, these ethical hackers show how your smart devices can be abused and what the risks are. “Because smart devices are often connected to the Internet, cyber criminals can look them up. Without you realizing it, they look for weak spots and thus entrances,” says Wouter Wessels, ethical hacker at Eurofins Cyber Security.

Update your smart devices and prevent misery

The fact that they are then in your refrigerator or vacuum cleaner need not be a disaster. The problem is that they use these smart devices as a springboard. From there they go to your laptop and capture valuable data. Think for example of a copy of your passport or bank details. In addition, they can install ransomware and thus hold your computer hostage.

So if you’re not careful, an insecure smart device can lead to a lot of misery. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it, and the name of the campaign reveals what that is: ‘do your updates’. By updating your smart devices regularly, you not only get useful new features, but you also ensure that vulnerabilities are fixed.

Want to know more?

Many of your devices do this automatically, but this is not always the case for a large number of smart devices. It is therefore important that you keep an eye on this yourself. How to do this and more tips can be found at doejeupdates.nl. You can also do a quick update check there. So you know immediately how you’re doing.

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