F1 2023 when you can play the brand new Formula

F1 2023: when you can play the brand new Formula One game

Electronic Arts and Codemasters are joining forces again this year for a brand new Formula One game. That F1 2023 was coming we knew, but when exactly was still the question. Today we get the answer for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and more!

Last night the very first trailer of the brand new F1 game officially appeared. In it, we not only saw the blood-fast cars flaming in Las Vegas, but also got to see a release date. Reason for enthusiasm, but unfortunately also criticism.

F1 2023: when will the Formula 1 game appear on PlayStation 5 and Xbox?

The ball is in the court: F1 2023, the new Formula 1 game from EA and Codemasters, will appear in (digital) stores on June 16. From that date, it will be playable on your PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Thanks to the trailer, fans of Formula 1 also know exactly what to expect. For example, Breaking Point, the beloved Story mode from 2021, returns. Last year, fans had to do without Aiden Jackson’s interesting story mode. Fortunately, F1 2023 does make it possible to watch him, along with Devon Butler, compete again.

According to EA itself, F1 2023 also features improved controls for the Formula One cars. For example, they are reportedly a little more predictable, which on paper should improve gameplay. Furthermore, torque has been improved, aerodynamics have been balanced and tires should respond more realistically. Oh, and the red flags are also back this year.

Every Formula One team, by the way, is just in the game. Easily said: all drivers and cars are playable on all circuits of the 2023 season. F1 2023 additionally offers Legacy circuits such as Paul Ricard (France) and Portimão (Portugal).

Strong criticism of trailer

Although fans of Formula 1 will be happy with the arrival of F1 2023, there is also plenty of criticism to be found. For example, many fans mainly have problems with the fact that Electronic Arts has delayed the game, but in their opinion does not come up with very many innovative things.

In addition, the lack of realism also seems to be a problem. “Does EA even know that this is a sport and not a television series? We want a simulation of the sport and not a Netflix drama!”, for example, can be read below the trailer.

So whether that is really the case in practice we will know on June 16. Then you can play the game on your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or S, among others.

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