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5 reasons why the iPhone is a lot better than Android

Choosing between an Android phone and an iPhone is not easy for everyone. Thus, WANT editor Dennis Mons has given you plenty of reasons to choose a phone with Google’s operating system. However; here, according to him, are five reasons to go for iPhone anyway.

In all honesty: we have a luxury position. We often get to test both Android and iPhone devices. The advantage is though, we can tell you both the pros and cons. And I’m certainly going to do just that.

iPhone is better than Android because of security

Tweaking your phone is simply better on Android than on an iPhone. Although Apple makes hefty battles to make your device your very own, a lot of things like custom icons, or sideloading are also jarred.

Still, there are numerous points to name why you should better go for an iPhone anyway. Here are five of them.

#1 Sideloading on your Android is a bad idea

It was always a thorny issue that you can’t use apps that aren’t in the App Store. With an Android, that was never the case. In fact, you can just pull an .apk file from a website and install it on your Android.

With an iPhone, you can’t, unless you jailbreak it. That’s not recommended, by the way. But because of new rules, Apple has to allow you to use other online app stores, which we’ll probably learn more about at WWDC 2023.


What is sideloading?

Sideloading is installing apps on a mobile device without downloading them from the official app store. This is easily done by downloading an app file and manually installing it on the device. Is Apple moving in this direction as well?

#2 Sideloading on your iPhone is your own risk

That’s also where the shoe pinches. One of the main reasons to get an iPhone is precisely the closed store. In fact, the Cupertino-based tech giant goes to great lengths to make sure you don’t bring in any junk. All apps are closely scrutinized. If they don’t meet the rules, they don’t make it to the App Store.

If you sideload with unverified apps, you may be at fault yourself. Not Apple’s fault: that’s your fault.

5 iPhone apps we really want to see on Android - WANTThe iPhone 14. (Image: Unsplash/Daniel Romero)

#3 Do you have a lot of Apple equipment? If so, it almost always works

Obviously, it is much easier for Apple to make sure that everything within its “digital ecosystem” works properly (exceptions notwithstanding). On Android, that’s not immediately a given.

If a certain device refuses to work with your Android device, we dive en masse onto the Internet to scour countless forums for that one person who might have found a solution. And that person also only speaks French (this is taken from life).

Anyway, we have Google Translate for that. Point for Apple? Perhaps.

#4 Apple’s WYSIWYG is better than Android’s

This curious abbreviation stands for “what you see is what you get. This is more the case with an iPhone than Android. This is not surprising, because with Apple the choice is rather easy: iPhones have clear specifications and prices. With an Android, you have to do research or be guided by a salesperson.

In fact, there is too much choice. If you do anything with tech, you often get questions like “should I buy this Oppo, or this Samsung, or this Sony, or this Motorola, or this Xiaomi?”. And before you know it, you’re checking reviews yourself to do your dear friends a favor. We’re not a walking encyclopedia, either.

motorola razrThe secondary screen of the Razr 2022. (Image: Motorola)

#5 It’s Apple and it gives you a discount

I can immediately imagine the neck hairs standing up at a headline like that. Because yes, you’re stuck with the Apple ecosystem. But what Apple is known for is quality. Generally speaking, you have in your hands a device that doesn’t break easily.

In addition, Apple makes it a point that you turn in old equipment. So you can get a big discount on a new phone. But even if that doesn’t happen, your iPhone will be recycled to make a new device.

It sounds trivial, but the less junk, the better.

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