FIFA 23 these are the best players for each position

FIFA 23: these are the best players for each position in Ultimate Team

The moment of the year has arrived again: all of gaming Holland is once again glued to the tube and losing themselves completely in Ultimate Team. With the release of FIFA 23, the battle around the best team in the world erupts again. But which players do you need?

To give you a hand with that, we list the best players for each position for you. With this Ultimate Team you will become a rock-solid FIFA 23 king without a doubt. Although it will cost quite a bit to get it together. Anyway, that’s part of the fun right?

FIFA 23: the best player for every position in Ultimate Team

In FIFA 23 it is again possible to combine the best of the soccer fields with each other. Players who normally don’t even come close to each other can be whooped into one team thanks to this popular game mode. How exactly to do that we leave to you, of course, but we’ll help you toward a goal.

FIFA 23 EA Sports moneyWe almost dare not look. (Image: EA Sports)

Indeed, we list the best players within FIFA 23 and Ultimate Team for each position. These are them:

The best defenders in FIFA 23

A good attack is the best defense, but it’s quite nice to have players who throw themselves in front of the ball like goofballs. In that respect, players like Virgil van Dijk are of course indispensable in your Ultimate Team. Of course the Dutchman is in the list, but which other players are a fat asset?

These are the best defenders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team:

Virgil van Dijk | 90 | Central defender
Marquinhos | 88 | Central defender
Rúben Dias | 88 | Central defender
João Cancelo | 88 | Left back
Trent Alexander-Arnold | 87 | Right back

Of course, for your defense, you also need a goalkeeper who beats all the balls out of the goal like crazy. For that, the following five options are your best choice:

Thibaut Courtois | 90 | Goalkeeper
Manuel Neuer | 90 | Goalkeeper
Jan Oblak | 89 | Goalkeeper
Alisson | 89 | Goalkeeper
Ederson | 89 | Goalkeeper

FIFA 23, Ultimate Team, options(Image: Electronic Arts)

Ultimate Team: the perfect midfield

The midfield is completely customizable. You choose whether to play with three central midfielders, an attacking midfielder or a defensive midfielder. It’s entirely up to you, but these are the five best players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for each position:

Kevin De Bruyne | 91 | Central midfielder
N’Golo Kanté | 89 | Defensive midfielder
Bernardo Silva | 88 | Attacking midfielder
Sadio Mané | 89 | Left midfielder
Serge Gnabry | 85 | Right midfielder

FIFA 23, Ultimate Team(Image: Electronic Arts)

FIFA 23: the best attackers in Ultimate Team

A good attack is the best defense, there you have it again. Only this time we mean it like it says and are looking for the best footballers who represent your Ultimate Team at the front of the pitch.

The following five players are without a doubt your best option for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team:

Kylian Mbappé | 91 | Striker
Robert Lewandowski | 91 | Striker
Cristiano Ronaldo | 90 | Striker
Lionel Messi | 91 | Right forward
Neymar Jr | 89 | Left front

FIFA 23, Ultimate Team, options(Image: Electronic Arts)

Wondering how to get the most out of Ultimate Team in FIFA 23, by the way? Colleague Jeroen wrote the following article about it:

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