In app purchases are shit but these awesome Android games dont

In-app purchases are shit, but these awesome Android games don’t have them!

A good game on Android normally just costs money. Is it free? Then there’s often a very annoying in-app payment system behind it, which means you still can’t play it. Yet there are games that are and remain free. We list a few top ones for you.

Everyone gambles on their smartphones from time to time. If you have to wait somewhere for a while, or just have nothing to do at home, it is very tempting to grab your smartphone to play a game. However, the good games often cost you money. Still, there are free alternatives on Android.

The best free games on Android

A free game on Android where you don’t have to make any payments in the game either sounds too good to be worth it. Yet it isn’t. I list my tips especially for you.

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure

If you are a fan of so-called runner games, then the Alto’s titles are really for you. In fantastic landscapes you have to make sure you avoid objects in time. So an ideal game to play quickly in between on your Android.

The only purchases you can make in the game are cosmetic, meaning you don’t need them for the gameplay itself. So you can play it all the way through without paying extra.

The Spike

The Spike actually takes you back to the days of the GameBoy. Sports games were not very complicated back then. Neither is The Spike. In fact, it is a combination between a sim and volleyball.

In this game on your Android, you control a group of students who want to win a volleyball tournament. In total there are 18 levels you have to get through. Find it here.

Crossy Road

It sometimes seems like playing with your life when you have to cross in Amsterdam. Let that be exactly the fun thing in Crossy Road. After all, in this game you have to cross busy roads safely.

With your Android you control a chicken or one of the animals that needs to get from one side of the road or river to the other. If you get hit by a truck or fall into the water you are heartbroken. The game even supports Android TV.


Rhythm games are great for unwinding. In Cytoid, all you have to do is press and swipe on your screen when given an instruction. You do so with music created by the game users themselves. It can be quite a task to accomplish this properly on your Android, though. You can find the game here.

Doom and Destiny

This game could easily have been the editorial office of WANT. Four nerds explore the world together in this JRPG that is full of lame jokes and a lot of fun. Yes, it does live up to the name of this game.

Doom and Destiny is free on your Android device, but with advertisements. However, you can play it all the way through without paying. For that, by the way, you need at least 30 hours. So you will be busy for a while.

Pathos game on Android

Pathos is a trip down memory lane. It’s a roguelike of sorts, making it comparable to big titles like Returnal and Hades, but it looks a lot simpler. You wander around collecting stuff,

In total, you can choose from 13 classes in this Android game. So you’ll be busy with this free game on your phone for now.

OpenTTD for Android

Remember that huge Windows PC from the 90s that you sat behind as a youngster. One of the most fun games for nerds like us was Transport Tycoon. In that game, you had to build the best possible transportation lines to make money.

The game still exists and is now completely free on your Android phone. The game is still being developed by a dog-like community. As a result, you can still find plenty of how-to’s on YouTube.

Pocket City

Another game you know from the early days of your Windows PC is, of course, Sim City. Pocket City is somewhat similar to that, but a bit more modern on your Android phone. With this game you build your own city where you have to keep everyone happy.

There is both a free and paid version. Among other things, the paid version has just a few more options and a sandbox mode. Nevertheless, the free version is completely playable on your Android device.

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