Cheeky Pokemon copy with firearms has been sold millions of.webp

Here’s how to play Palworld for free (but watch out for this special version)

Palworld is the hit of the moment, also known as “Pokémon with guns. Still, you have to be careful where you play it, as fake versions are also circulating.

Although 2024 has only just begun, Palworld seems likely to claim the title of most surprising game of the year. No one thought we would be talking so long about a game we had barely heard of last year.

This all has to do with the game’s design. The monsters in Palworld look tremendously like Pokémon, and you can catch them just like Pokémon by throwing a ball at them.


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Beware of fake versions of Palworld for Android or iPhone

Nevertheless, Palworld is much more than Pokémon. It’s an open-world survival game. You can have the Pals build a base for you, and you have to make sure you survive while you explore. It actually has the best of several games put into one game, and it works pretty well. Here are some tips in advance.

It makes sense that you’re probably interested in playing Palworld, too. Still, you should not do so on your smartphone. After all, these are not real versions, warn the creators. On X, they report that these apps are not from them. “Please beware and do not download these apps. This may lead to theft of your data or fraud.”

Here's how to play Palworld for free (but watch out for this special version)Pokémon clone Palworld will play even better thanks to these tips (Image: PocketPair)

Here’s how to play the game safely (and for free)

Fortunately, there are other ways to play Palworld safely. The first is through the PC. You can purchase the game through Steam, where the game costs €28.99. That may seem like a lot of money, but compared to a AAA game, it’s not too bad.

Still, there is also a way to play Palworld completely free. After all, the game can be found on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Just keep in mind that the game is still in beta version on both Xbox and PC. So there may still be quite a few changes to the game.

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