Hogwarts Legacy has chests with eyes but how do you.webp

Hogwarts Legacy has chests with eyes, but how do you open them?

Where Hogwarts Legacy is carried on the one hand by a powerful story, the game also requires the necessary skills of an explorer. Finding Field Pages, solving puzzles and hidden chests is the order of the day in the magical world. But then, of course, you have to know where to look for it.

Within the game, for example, there are special chests with delicious contents: gnarly pocket change. Anyway, there’s an eye on these kinds of chests that prevents you from opening them. Annoying, because Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t explain to you at all exactly what to do with them. We do, of course.

Open chests with eyes in Hogwarts Legacy

Those who are only just playing Hogwarts Legacy may not yet fully know how important the Galleons are. There are even missions in the Harry Potter game that can’t even be passed without the pocket money. So make sure to sell unnecessary clothing and keep the quest for the money in mind in every mission.

Another mighty way to rake in a lot of dough is to open special chests. There are numerous white chests in Hogwarts Legacy with a large eye on them. Each chest holds 500 Galleons, which is nice to liven up the fairy wallet. But then, of course, you have to get them open.

Hogwarts Legacy does not give you any instructions in this area, but fortunately it is not difficult to do. In fact, the trick is to walk to the chest unseen, so that the eye is closed as soon as you get close to it. Once near it, you will be presented with the option to unlock it.

Make use of specific spell

Good. Once the eye on the chest does not have you in its sights, you have a chance to put the 500 Galleons it contains in your pocket. Something you need a specific spell for.

Open chests with eyes in Harry Potter game Hogwarts LegacyAnd away! (Image: Portkey Games / Warner Bros.)

Before you can take advantage of that, you have to make sure you’re at least past the Secrets of the Restricted Section mission in Hogwarts Legacy. During this mission, in which you walk with Sebastian through the forbidden section of the library, you learn Disillusionment. This spell makes you partially invisible to people and objects.

So by using this spell, you are no longer visible to the crate with the eyes, walk silently towards it and grab the contents from the crate with a smile on your face. Party!

Our enchanting Hogwarts Legacy guidebook

Hogwarts Legacy is a delightful game that is easy to learn, but requires some effort to fully master. Fortunately, we are completely immersed in the magical world and can give you quite a hand with that.

For exactly that reason, we have created our complete, and most importantly enchanting, Hogwarts Legacy guide. A clear article full of links to other articles that will help you in the game.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for that one spell, can’t complete a certain mission or run into puzzles: we try to explain it all to you as easily as possible.

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