1642174750 How you can soon play Fortnite again on your iPhone

How you can soon play Fortnite again on your iPhone

Due to the battle between Apple and Epic, it has not been possible to play Fortnite on the iPhone, iPad or other smartphones for a while. And for now, it doesn’t look like the game will be coming to the App Store.

Still, you can start playing Fortnite on your iPhone next week. And that’s thanks to Nvidia. They let you know on their own blog how it will all be made possible.

Fortnite playable on your iPhone

Through GeForce NOW, Nvidia is going to hold a closed beta next week that will allow you to stream games through the Safari web browser and thus allow you to play Fortnite. It’s a workaround that has already been used successfully in other applications and works perfectly as a workaround when you can’t get rid of the app on the App Store yourself. We saw this before with the Xbox Game Pass. You can also access that service through the browser. You can then turn that web page into an app for your iPhone and log in easily that way.

All GeForce NOW members can sign up for this test, but not everyone will have access. They want to investigate how the servers hold up when many gamers play Fortnite this way. It is also a nice way to see how the touch controls work. It seems that the console or PC version of the game will be presented with touch controls. It is therefore necessary to wait and see how this will work exactly. In addition, you stream the game instead of having it on your iPhone. Although streaming is getting better, it is certainly not as nice as playing the game directly. So in that area too, we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

What will Apple do

And then, of course, you have the question of what Apple is going to do. It feels a bit like the Trojan Horse riding in on this one. After all, Fortnite is the game that started the whole battle between Epic and Apple. By using this construction, all restrictions are bypassed and that can’t quite be the intention.