New Nintendo Switch supports old games much better

New Nintendo Switch supports old games much better

The Nintendo Switch 2 really seems to be coming out this year, but there seems to be a lot of wrangling over a feature. Nevertheless, it will probably come, and that is good news for players.

The original Nintendo Switch came out seven years ago. Since then, it has become one of the most popular consoles.

Now many rumors are circulating about a successor to the famous Nintendo Switch. One of them is about a much-needed feature: support for backwards compatibility.

What is backwards compatibility

Backwards compatibility is the ability to play games from an old console on the new version of the game console. In Nintendo’s case, that means being able to boot games from the old Switch on the new version. With the Switch 2, this should apply to both digital and physical games.

The Switch 2 is certainly not the first console from Nintendo to support backwards compatibility. The first few versions of the Nintendo Wii also supported the feature. At the time, you could play Game Cube games on earlier versions of the Nintendo Wii. Later, however, this feature disappeared.

Nintendo Switch OLED (Image: Nintendo)

Benefits for Nintendo Switch fans

The feature is quite popular for the following reasons: first, the feature helps with keeping your games. It is very irritating if you had to buy a new console, the same game again. But with backwards compatibility, you can just reuse all your old games. This way, your games last longer.

In addition, it is also just possible to keep playing your favorite games if they don’t come out on a new platform. By the way, this is already possible with Nintendo Switch Online users currently play games from the NES & SNES, Game Boy & Game Boy Color games. However, this is a selection from Nintendo itself, so these are not your own games. With backwards compatibility, you just have your own choice.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to be an improved version of the original Switch.As a result, some Switch games may get a free graphics upgrade. That way your older games will suddenly look a lot better. If Nintendo is going to do this, they will follow the Xbox series X/S and the Playstation 5 in this.

Although there has been no official announcement about the Switch’s successor yet, we expect it won’t be long. The Nintendo Switch 2 may be closer than we know.

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