1707748653 This electric car is ideal for carnivals but

This electric car is ideal for carnivals, but…

Tesla, Nio and Lucid are known for their great electric cars, but maybe you think you can do even better yourself. A Chinese company is already helping you get started and has built a platform for you, but there are some points of interest. This platform is especially suitable for carnivals.

Electric cars are the future, but what about carnival? Should all floats during the parade also be electric?

At least a Chinese company is making this possible. It has developed a large electric platform on which you can build anything you want yourself. So it is the ideal kit for a flat car for a championship team or the basis for a float during carnival.

The electric car for carnival

This electric car/platform has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, making it not really suitable for long distances. However, this speed is ideal for a parade float, and let it be carnival, where massive parades of flatcars take place en masse.

The range of this platform is between 80 and 100 kilometers. This makes a carnival parade in the city or region perfectly possible. You fully charge it between eight and 10 hours.

This electric car is ideal for carnivals, but...The platform. (Image: Alibaba)

You can also build heavily on this platform, as it can carry 3 tons of cargo. So it is the ideal base for a wonderful carnival float. You can just build whatever you want on it, whether it’s an electric car to play an orchestra on, or to make the most beautiful carnival float.

Not as simple as it seems

Still, there are some things to consider. You can’t just take it on the road. So you will have to have it approved by the RDW first, and that is not so easy. You will also have to find an insurance company willing to insure the electric car for carnival.

If you still want to take this risk, this electric car, well, platform, can be ordered through Alibaba. However, the maker is using a wide price range, as the purchase price is between $3,000 and $15,000. In addition, it probably won’t be too cheap to ship this platform to the Netherlands. So that already seems like a big carnival an sich.

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