Nintendo Switch app for iPhone finally taken in hand

Nintendo Switch app for iPhone finally taken in hand

The Nintendo Switch app for iOS has finally been updated. This allows you to do much more with your iPhone in conjunction with your game console.

The Nintendo Switch app for iOS has of course been around for years. Yet the Japanese console manufacturer thinks it is time for renewal. It has given the application a major overhaul making it look more modern and you finally have more features.

A revamped app for the Nintendo Switch

The Japanese are doing this a few days after the game console’s fifth anniversary. You wouldn’t say it, but the Nintendo Switch has been on the market for five years. In the early years for the app, it was mainly for supporting voice chats for certain games that supported it. Now, however, you can do a bit more with it.

The Nintendo Switch app has a number of new features. Among other things, on the screen you can see if your friends are online, which games have special communal services and of course the voice chat. However, you do need an Online subscription for those game-related services. In the settings you can get more information about this. Also, your friend code gets a more convenient place. This way you can share it more easily with other players.

Pokémon LegendsPokémon Legends (Image: Nintendo)

Still somewhat disappointing

Although the Nintendo Switch app has been given a new look, it still could have been pulled out a lot more. If you compare it to the app of PlayStation or Xbox, it is even a bit disappointing. Nintendo’s competitors offer many more services through their apps. For example, in the PS app you can see what you have recently played, find the latest news, your trophies and you can even buy games digitally.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can expect much more besides the app this year. A lot of new games are planned. Also, of course, the new Pokémon game was recently released.