Scuf Instinct Pro Review game like a pro

Scuf Instinct Pro Review: game like a pro

It used to be that you actually had to stay away from controllers from third-party publishers as much as possible. They were often very mediocre in terms of quality. But that was actually about ten years ago. Since then, there are many parties that controllers release just that little bit more than the standard controller. Think of controllers from parties like Razer, NACON and Thrustmaster. Scuf is also a party that has brought some nice products to the market. Recently we were given the opportunity to go wild with the Scuf Instinct Pro.

The Scuf Instinct Pro came on the market last year and thus has already made a lot of gamers happy. It is a controller that at first glance looks very similar to the one that comes standard with your Xbox. It is also a controller that is intended for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. But the controller is far from standard. It should be, since it is sold at a premium price. Fortunately, you do get a lot in return. Here are the points that make the controller interesting.

Scuf Instinct Pro Review

Easily create your own controller

The great thing about the Scuf Instinct Pro is that when you purchase it through Scuf’s website, you can put it together all by yourself. In several steps you make choices, so you have an end result that is completely to your taste. It is also possible to provide the controller with different skins or set the colors to your taste. I myself do not like too much fuss and have therefore just played around with colors. A blue front and red accents ensure that it is a controller that looks cheerful, but certainly not over the top. In addition to the visual whole, you also decide what kind of thumbsticks the controller should be equipped with. Different choices do push the price up even further. So be sure to pay attention to that.

Scuf Instinct ProThis is how my controller turned out (Image: Jelle van Es / WANT)

Convenient switches on the back

One of the handy things the Scuf Instinct Pro brings is a pair of handy switches or triggers on the back. You can assign these to different buttons and eventually save three different profiles. This does work a bit cumbersome and you’ll have to take some time, but in the end you can reap benefits. Especially if you are an avid gamer, this can be an advantage in some cases.

1645210127 515 Scuf Instinct Pro Review game like a proLots of options (Image: Jelle van Es / WANT)

Playing with the triggers

Another advantage that the Scuf Instinct Pro controller has is that you have the ability to lock the triggers. There are two switches on the back. And if you flip those, then the triggers become like buttons. You don’t want to do that when you’re playing a racing game. Then you really want to have the feel of the trigger and press the gas just a little more or less on that. But in a shooter like Call of Duty, sometimes it’s a little awkward to press the trigger every time. Especially if you use a single-shot weapon. By locking the trigger then and using it as a kind of button, you really shoot a lot faster and more effectively.

1645210127 589 Scuf Instinct Pro Review game like a proUsing the pins to adjust your triggers (Image: Jelle van Es / WANT)

The Scuf Instinct Pro works just fine

All these different elements make the Scuf Instinct Pro a really nice controller. Just like the Xbox controller, it fits comfortably in your hand. It is a bit heavier, but it is certainly not bulky. The different buttons seem to lie more comfortably, making it easier to slide your fingers over them and press them. In short, it is a controller that is really perfect for spending many hours playing.

1645210127 362 Scuf Instinct Pro Review game like a proIt’s a nice thing (Image: Jelle van Es / WANT)


Still, we can’t leave out the price of the Scuf Instinct Pro. The standard price of the controller stands at $199. And by making choices, the whole thing goes up considerably. Eventually you arrive at a price for which you buy three normal controllers. Or you can add another eighty euros and buy an Xbox Series S for it. That also comes with a controller. You must be a really fanatical gamer who cares about having a controller that looks unique.

1645210127 429 Scuf Instinct Pro Review game like a proNot a cheap model (Image: Jelle van Es / WANT)

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