1666742260 So little does Amsterdam in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

So little does Amsterdam in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 differ from the real thing

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is just out and it has a level set in Amsterdam. And many a Dutchman now has a moment: is this real, no? Yes? WANT editor Dennis Mons dives right in.

Look, I literally lived behind Dam Square for a long time. All these streets I know like my hindquarters (yes that’s an Anglicism, doesn’t matter). But even I admit; this ís also Amsterdam. In all honesty: the developer Infinity Ward did an excellent job of portraying the (rather poor) essence of my beloved city.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 walks nicely through Amsterdam

It’s easy to moan about the ridiculous amount of coffee shops on the Red Light District. But in all honesty: this is true as hell. Even the swans, which for some reason keep bobbing in the canals of the Oudezijds are still a mystery to me. And the developers have been paying attention to that, too.

It’s insane…

It’s an ode, not a representation. But this is really Amsterdam for many who don’t live here anyway, especially for tourists.

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oh my god amsterdam looks *incredibly* realistic in the new call of duty – almost can’t believe this is a video game pic.twitter.com/KVI9Ay5dIk

– juan (@juanbuis) October 21, 2022

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Bu aralar paylaşılan call of duty videosunun gerçeğini kaydettim bugün 😂 pic.twitter.com/mPpbWjSpF3

– Melih Korkmaz (@korkmazmelih) October 22, 2022

In that respect, this game manages to capture the essence of exactly that piece of Amsterdam bizarrely well. Yes, it’s not always nice, and no, you don’t want to hang around there too long in real life. But this performance is absurdly accurate.

It’s not the first time developer Infinity Ward has rendered a location in such detail. They previously dipped into Piccadilly Circus in Call of Duty Warfare. There, too, locals and tourists could see how well the developer had an eye for all the little things.

Not yet a success

Although I’m immediately tempted to purchase the game to take a quick spin through Amsterdam (which is odd, since it’s right around the corner), Call of Duty Warfare 2 is not an immediate success. Some players in early access cannot play the campaign, for example, and others are kicked out of the game altogether.

Still, as far as I am concerned, it is worth purchasing the game, if only for the realization that games are now really breaking through reality after all. So now hope for levels from Zierikzee, Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Moddergat, Groningen, Naaldwijk and Sittard.

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