5 features the successor to the Nintendo Switch should have

Successor Nintendo Switch hand-in-hand with iconic Bayonetta remaster

The arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2, sometime this year, is accompanied by the remaster of a popular franchise. Anyone feel like revisiting the Bayonetta trilogy?

The start of 2024 also marks the year when we can expect a new Nintendo Switch. At least, if the many rumors of the past year are right.

Those same rumors are also currently flying around your ears on X, where the term “Switch 2” is trending. Fans crave news about the console, but at the moment we have to make do with a game. Although we can’t be entirely dissatisfied with a remaster of the Bayonetta trilogy, can we?

Nintendo Switch 2 gets remaster of Bayonetta

Nash Weedle, a leaker at X, has revealed that gamers can expect the trilogy on the new Switch. Of course, we have to take that news with a grain of salt, as Nintendo is still among the rare companies that can keep a secret reasonably well.

But should Weedle be right, we do have something really cool to look forward to. In addition to the three games in the Bayonetta trilogy, the titles will also get tighter visuals and performance improvements. There is also talk of HDR support.

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🔥Leak Express:


BAYONETTA recibirá una edición TRILOGY con sus tres juegos principales en un pack para la Switch 2.

Los juegos traerán mejoras visuales (HDR confirmado) y de rendimiento.

Por retrocompatibilidad también se podrá jugar en Switch 2 con mejoras. pic.twitter.com/jHjkLeVUwK

– Nash Weedle “El Analista de Leaks” (@NWeedle) December 28, 2023

The original Bayonetta was released on several platforms by developer PlatinumGames, but parts two and three appeared exclusively on a Nintendo console. So that the Nintendo Switch 2 will get the remaster makes pretty good sense.

If only to satisfy the usually large fan base of the hack-and-slash game. For example, in terms of Bayonetta 3, Nintendo may have something to make up for. Due to technical limitations, the experience may not have been as fans had hoped. The Nintendo Switch 2 may change that.

2024: the year of a new handheld

Six years after the Nintendo Switch hit the market, it’s finally time for a successor. It’s about time, because the combination of a console and a handheld does run into technical limitations by now. The new model, probably the Switch 2, should put an end to that.

Rumors have been pointing to the arrival of a successor for some time. In 2019 there was talk of a Switch Mini, later it was about the Switch Pro. In retrospect, those turned out to be references to the Switch OLED, but now there is certainty about a new model that actually does something different.

Wondering what exactly we can expect from this new console? In August, we wrote the article below:

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