1704202650 These are the best apps to score cheap Nike and

These are the best apps to score cheap Nike and Adidas sneakers

Nice sneakers complete an outfit. However, there is one major drawback: Nike and Adidas shoes can be quite pricey. Fortunately, there are apps that allow you to pay considerably less.

If you’re a bit into the sneaker market, you know that prices can get pretty steep. Especially for limited editions from Nike and Adidas, prices sometimes go up a few notches. Or how about these from Apple.

Fortunately, some apps make it much easier to keep an eye on prices and pay less. So these apps to score cheaper Nike and Adidas sneakers are ideal.

Nike and Adidas sneakers

Let’s start with the two makers of sneakers: Nike and Adidas. Through their apps, it is possible to see when a sneaker will be launched.

Nike even has the dedicated SNKRS app for Android and iPhone. Through that app, it is possible to get a notification when a particular shoe you like is launched. In addition, you can also find the date and sale time of the release.
The best apps to score cheap Adidas and Nike sneakers

Adidas, like Nike, also has its own sneaker app. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play under the name Adidas Confirmed. It works the same as the SNKRS app. Here, too, you see release dates and it is possible to turn on notifications for your favorite sneakers.

Finding new sneakers at lightning speed

With Nike and Adidas, you buy the shoes directly from the maker itself. Still, not all of the brand’s shoes come in its own webshop. Nike and Adidas have deals with chain stores to sell special editions there. If you don’t want to miss those, you can choose to install all the apps from retailers like Foot Locker and Size?

However, it can also be much easier. With HEAT MVMNT (iPhone and Android), you can see at a glance all the sneakers coming out and where to buy them. This applies, by the way, not only to Nike and Adidas sneakers, but also to Asics, New Balance and other brands, for example.

You also know immediately through the app which store offers the shoes at which price. This allows you to see at a glance where you can get the best deal. Also, the app estimates supply and demand, so you know which sneakers to be extra quick for.
The best apps to score cheap Adidas and Nike sneakers

Secondhand shoes

However, some Nike and Adidas sneakers are so popular that they sell out within seconds. You can still score them through secondhand marketplaces, but often at a higher price. People see the shoes as an investment. However, sometimes people can also gamble and therefore offer sneakers cheaper than at Nike, for example.

One of the apps where sneakers are traded is StockX (iPhone and Android). Through that app, you can see supply and demand and also make a bid. In addition, you can also see the price trend in the past period. So you can see if the value of the sneaker is actually going up or down.

If you are looking for slightly older models, Marktplaats, Vinted and Ebay can also be good places to score a bargain. Here, however, you have to search carefully, as the interface is not very easy to search for specific ones. Something that is somewhat easier with a StockX, for example. In addition, you also don’t have an overview of how the price trend is developing.

Nike, Adidas and more in an overview

There is also an app that combines all of the above except Marktplaats, Ebay and Vinted. That’s the Dutch Sneaker Hunters app (iPhone and Android).


The most expensive sneaker ever

Sneakers can become bizarrely expensive. The most expensive pair ever sold is the 2008 Nike Air Yeezy Grammy Prototype. These were worn by Kanye West during a show in 2008. On April 26, 2021, the sneakers were auctioned for $1.8 million through auction house Sotheby’s.

This not only shows you when sneakers from Nike, Adidas and other brands come out, but also tells you which stores sell the shoes. In addition, you see where you can also get them secondhand through apps like StockX. You turn on notifications for launches and when prices drop. That way you score your favorite sneaker as cheaply as possible.

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