The Switch of our dreams is near but its not

The Switch of our dreams is near, but it’s not from Nintendo

A student has created a handheld console design that resembles a Nintendo Switch and is inspired by the company Teenage Engineering.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, but we still know pretty little about the console’s design. What we do know is that it may be a while before it comes out, as it has been delayed until mid-2025.

We know something is going to change about the Switch’s design, but not yet what. Still, we can hope that the Switch 2 will look like the console designed by a student in the style of the company Teenage Engineering. This handheld is simple, elegant and wonderfully minimalist.

A “simple” Nintendo Switch

For an assignment at his university, Indian student Nidharshan Suresh created a design of a handheld console. He based the design of this console on a Nintendo Switch, but in the style of the minimalist company Teenage Engineering.

The console has a simple gray design with orange details on the buttons. Furthermore, the TE Switch is much slimmer than the Nintendo version and thus falls easier in the hand. Therefore, the console is much more compact than other handhelds such as the Nintendo Switch or the Steamdeck.

The Switch of our dreams is near, but it's not from Nintendo (Image: Nidharshan Suresh)

No reality for TE yet

The console sounds great, of course: Simple, compact and not too flashy. But unfortunately, the Switch-inspired console doesn’t exist yet. For now, it is still a design on paper. Nor do we know further if this will ever change.

However, Teenage Engineering itself has already released a handheld console once. This one came out in 2019 and was another whole lot simpler. This console, the Playdate, is more comparable to a Gameboy rather than a Nintendo Switch. But even this one is wonderfully simple and especially nostalgic.

The Switch of our dreams is close at hand, but it's not from Nintendo (Image: Panic/Teenage Engineering)

Teenage Engineering has not yet shared plans for a possible Switch-like console, but this design by Suresh gives a nice idea for what this could look like. All we can do now is hope that one day this becomes a reality. Perhaps inspired by Suresh himself, though.

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