Apple Music trial period reduced to 1 month but

Apple Music trial period reduced to 1 month (but…)

The trial period for Apple Music, during which consumers can get acquainted with the streaming service for the first time, has been shortened. Whereas it was previously possible to test the service for three months free of charge, it is now only possible for one month.

Fortunately, another action did come to light immediately with the announcement. So there is a way for consumers to immediately double the one month period.

Apple Music not three, but one month trial

Apple Music, in the face of competition, is making it a little harder on itself than before. The streaming service was previously free to try for three months before consumers had to pay $9.99 per month. That trial period has now been scaled back to one month. That’s revealed on the service’s official website.

By giving new users three months free, Apple Music had a nice advantage over Spotify. Despite the dominance of the latter, Apple, as the only one, knows how to counter. Although the change will probably make it a little less attractive to choose that service.

Apple GlitchGlitch (Image: Apple / Edit: OMT)

Spotify offers consumers a free sixty-day trial and then free to use with advertising. It’s not ideal, but it does make consumers more likely to make the switch to a Premium account. Apple Music, for its part, does come with exclusives and also offers Lossless Audio support.

Here’s how to double the period

At the same time as scaling back the free Apple Music period, an action also immediately pops up. Shazam, which has also been owned by Apple since 2018, is giving consumers two months of free access. Previously, Shazam gave consumers as much as five months of access, but should you have never used Apple Music. Returning consumers can also sign up for this promotion.

To get two months of free Apple Music, do the following:

Download Shazam on your iPhone or iPad
Open the application and look under the heading My music
If you qualify for the promotion, a pop-up will appear
Click on Try now
Confirm the order with your Apple ID and voila!

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