Apple pulls iPad production out of China for the first

Apple pulls iPad production out of China for the first time

Problems in China are causing Apple, for the first time since its launch, to pull iPad production out of the country. That’s the news that Nikkei Asia is putting out today.

Sources at the medium reveal that Apple must take action to prevent further delays in its production.

Apple pulls iPad production from China

Due to a resurgence of the coronavirus, new lockdowns have been in effect in and around Shanghai for some time. This is causing many factories to shut down and delay production, of the iPad for example. Apple seems to have to take action to avoid worse and, according to Nikkei Asia, decides to move production.

“Apple is moving, for the first time ever, the production of some iPad models from China to Vietnam,” the website reads. “Strict COVID lockdowns in and around Shanghai have disrupted supplies by months.” According to sources, Apple has received help to set up production lines in Vietnam and may begin production soon. This would include the most popular iPad models currently being sold.

The move to Vietnam had been planned for some time, but the coronavirus caused a delay. The iPad, after the AirPods, is the second product to be produced in the country.

More stock

In addition to moving iPad production, Apple has taken further action. The American company has instructed suppliers to stock up. It is doing this to prevent future shortages. This does not only apply to parts for the iPad. The American company also wants to stock up on parts for the iPhone, AirPods and MacBooks.

Apple’s move is not surprising. During the announcement of the second quarter figures, the company let it be known that it already expected problems. For example, due to the lockdowns, there would be many delays. This would immediately have a major impact on the turnover of the American company.

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