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Apple Store employees close union over working conditions

Employees at an Apple Store have unionized. They disagree with working conditions and are demanding improvement.

The Apple Store is located in London in Apple White City. Store workers are demanding pay increases, more transparency about wages, improvements in hours of service and less focus on measured results in evaluations.

Apple is far from happy about it

The tech giant is not happy about the decision to form a union. Earlier this year, a group of employees in New York tried to take similar action. That was followed by Stores in Atlanta, Maryland and later in the United Kingdom and Australia.

apple storeThe Apple Store in London. (Image: Apple)

Apple is reacting aggressively to these actions, bringing in the same lawyers who also fought Starbucks unions. However, the result is that they are being sued because people feel the company is illegally stopping unions. It has led to unions in Atlanta and St. Louis being shut down.

Special tech union

Workers have joined the Union of Tech and Allied Workers. The latter has given Apple 10 days to respond. The workers have indicated they are demanding the following:

Wage increases to match rising prices of food, drink and housing.
Wage transparency so that it is clear whether employees are getting paid adequately for the work they do.
Less management measured on results because it leads to stress, burnouts and overtime.

Read all the requirements here.

The union argues that Apple has the resources to deal with massive inflation. “Apple is worth $2.2 trillion and is run by outstanding employees,” UTAW states. As the economy changes around them and prices rise, workers believe Apple has not only the financial strength but also the responsibility to see the needs of its workers.”

Whether the Cupertino-based company has responded yet is not known.