Apple TV finally gives release date Ted Lasso season 3

Apple TV+ finally gives release date Ted Lasso season 3

Ted Lasso is the hit series on Apple TV+. As such, many viewers are looking forward to the third, and final, season of the series about AFC Richmond’s American football coach. This one is coming to Apple TV+ sooner than you expect.

The first and second seasons of Ted Lasso impressed the general public quite a bit. In fact, you could even say that the series is defining for Apple TV+ because it is the first really big stunner. Of course, The Morning Show has won a Golden Globe before, but that is dwarfed by all the awards the comedy has run off with.

Ted Lasso season 3 coming to Apple TV+

We have been waiting quite a while for Ted Lasso. The last episode of season 2 is already dated October 8, 2021. High time for new episodes, then, and they are coming sooner than you think.

It has been quiet around Ted Lasso for a long time, but Apple now announces when we can expect the first episode of the third season. It can be seen starting Wednesday, March 15. An episode will follow each week after that.

In total, Ted Lasso’s third season consists of 12 episodes. The big question is whether this will really be the AFC Richmond coach’s last trick. The creators have already hinted several times that after three seasons, the cake is over.

Yet there is something striking in Apple’s press release. Nowhere does it say “last” in the message. So Apple, like us, may still have hope for another season, even if it seems unlikely.

Dir we see in the new part

Of course you want to know what to expect in the third season of Ted Lasso. Apple TV+ describes it as follows: “In the third season, newly promoted AFC Richmond is ridiculed as the media predicts the team will finish last. Especially since Nate, seen as the great talent, has transferred to West Ham United.

In the wake of Nate’s controversial departure, Roy Kent takes over as assistant coach, alongside Beard. While Ted Lasso continues to struggle with pressure as coach, Roy has his own problems. Meanwhile, Rebecca is focused on beating Rupert and Keely. So everything seems to be falling apart both on and off the field.” So Ted Lasso has a lot of work to do.

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