Apple Watch Series 8 versus Watch SE2 which one should

Apple Watch Series 8 versus Watch SE2: which one should you buy?

Apple recently announced three versions the Apple Watch: the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra.

For many people, the Apple Watch Ultra falls off anyway. Not only is the watch really meant for people who do hardcore sports, but the price is not niggling: it costs 999 euros. The Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE are more affordable. Which one should you get? OMT editor Dennis Mons explains.

Which do you choose: Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE?

The choice between the two is not an easy one. When it comes to your wallet, prices alone may be the deciding factor. The Apple Watch Series 8 costs $499 (41mm) or $539 (45mm).

The Apple Watch SE is considerably cheaper. The 40mm watch will cost you 299 euros. For the 44mm version you will pay 339 euros. So that’s 100 euros less. But do you also get a significantly “less” watch?

Apple Watch SEThe Apple WatchSE in cool colors (Image: Apple)

Difference in design

Obviously, the Apple Watch SE is a touch smaller than the Apple Watch Series 8. For that, you have to sacrifice a bit. The watch is less durable that its “big brothers. Also, the SE does not have sapphire glass, something the Series 8 and Ultra do. In itself, this need not be a huge problem if you use a case for protection.

Other than that, the two watches are not very different aesthetically. The SE comes in three different colors: Midnight. Starlight and Silver. The Series 8 is available in six colors: Midnight, Starlight, Gold, Graphite, Silver, (Product) Red.

Features of the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 8.

Of course, the watches do differ somewhat when it comes to some features and specifications. It should be noted, however, that both models use the S8 chipset. So one is not faster than the other. The battery is also the same and lasts about 18 hours (and, they say, another 18 hours in low power mode). The Series 8 does charge faster: to 80 percent in 45 minutes. The SE takes 90 minutes.

In terms of features for your health, the Apple Watch SE also loses a bit. Although both watches share basic features such as fitness tracking, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, crash detection, fall detection and menstrual cycle tracking, the Series 8 goes further.

Apple Watch Series 8Thermometer lets you get retrospective estimates of your ovulation and better menstrual predictions (Image: Apple)

In addition to the above features, the watch also has ECG, SpO2 (measures oxygen saturation in your blood) and a thermometer that additionally supports menstrual cycle tracking (which works a little differently than we thought). Also, the watch has an Always-On screen. The SE does not have that.

Which Apple Watch will you choose?

So the Apple Watch SE is affordable, and the ideal watch if you already use an iPhone anyway, for example, or want to get into the Apple environment. But if you like detailed information about your health you should definitely go for the more expensive Apple Watch Series 8.

So if you are considering an Apple Watch (new or otherwise); which one will you go for?

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