Double contacts on your iPhone a thing of the past

Double contacts on your iPhone a thing of the past thanks to this handy tip

Is there anything more irritating than duplicate contacts on your iPhone? Actually no. Fortunately, you can do something about that with this handy tip. After all, with the arrival of iOS 16, this has become a lot easier! WANT editor Sabine tells you how to proceed.

Do you have an iPhone that can no longer handle the new iOS 16? No problem, those duplicate icons in your contacts list no longer have to be an annoyance for you either. The solution can be found within our great friend iCloud. To do so, you’ll need to open iCloud on your Mac or Windows PC; it won’t work on an iPhone.

iPhone: goodbye duplicate contacts

Since iOS 16 was released, it’s been possible to delete your duplicate contacts with the touch of a button. What a delightful addition (but one that should have come sooner, Apple). When you open your Contacts app on your iPhone running iOS 16, the message X duplicates found automatically appears at the top.

Press View duplicates and the your duplicate contacts will appear in a row along with the number of duplicates. You can see which duplicates you have per contact, or you can merge them all at once using the Merge All button. These contacts will then be combined into one contact and you’ll be rid of your irritations immediately!

Double contacts on your iPhone a thing of the pastDelete your duplicate contacts via iCloud or the Contacts app.

No iOS 16?

Even without an iPhone running iOS 16, there is a lifehack to get rid of your duplicate contacts. On your Mac or PC, go to, log in with your Apple ID, then hit Contacts in the menu. Next, select one of the duplicate contacts you want to say goodbye to. Now hold down the Control key and select all other duplicate contacts as well.

On the right side, you will see all the contacts you have selected. Next, press the gear icon in the lower left corner and press Delete. Next, confirm your selection. Make sure you do not accidentally delete all the contacts, but only the duplicate contacts.

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