As if it wasnt enough camera block iPhone 14 Pro

As if it wasn’t enough: ‘camera block iPhone 14 Pro Max larger’

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will, if recent information is to be believed, get a larger camera system. A design change that, in our opinion, really no one is waiting for.

The information comes from a tweet showing a dummy of the 14 Pro Max.

Camera systems getting bigger

The iPhone’s camera system has slowly become an eyesore over the past few years. Literally, because it looks like crap. There are no doubt people who can appreciate the addition, and the quality makes up for a lot, but the iPhone X and XS’ camera system still looked more “des-Apples”.

Unfortunately, though, it seems to be a trend. More and more smartphones are getting huge camera blocks that are also getting bigger every year. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is unfortunately no exception to that rule. At least, if leaked images on Twitter are to be believed.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

iPhone 14 Pro Max on hands good night

– fix Apple 🍏 (@lipilipsi) August 5, 2022

iPhone 14 Pro Max joins the trend

After a blueprint of the camera system was leaked in February this year, a new image is now surfacing. On Twitter, Majin Bu shared a video that originally came from fix Apple 🍏. In it, an iPhone 14 Pro Max dummy can be seen next to a 13 Pro Max, quickly revealing that the camera system is larger. As a result, the 5% discussed earlier this year seems to be accurate.

As was the case with the Pro models last year, old accessories such as cases will no longer be usable. Annoying, but of course it does bring an advantage.

iPhone 14 Pro Max with 48-megapixel camera

The Pro Max is used as an example, but the iPhone 14 Pro will also feature a larger camera system. Not entirely unexpected, considering that smartphone is also getting an improved camera. At least, that’s the expectation.

The Pro models in the upcoming series will in all likelihood carry a 48-megapixel lens. This is also the reason, for example, that only the Pro models can count on the A16 Bionic chip. The iPhone 14 and 14 Max do not need the extra processing power because of the lack of the lens. So they will have to make do with the A15 Bionic chip for another year.

Whether that is detrimental to daily use? We’ll go into that in detail in the article below!

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