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Biggest problem AirPods Pro addressed by YouTuber

The AirPods are arguably the best earbuds you can get right now. Still, they could have been just a little bit better, as a YouTuber now shows.

The big issue with the AirPods, of course, is not the sound. That’s fantastic, mainly because of the good active noise cancellation. No, the problem lies mainly with the design. They look great, but are damn hard to fix.

Fixing the AirPods Pro

By the way, that problem is not only in the AirPods themselves. Repairing the case is also nearly impossible. That all has to do with the glue used to attach all the parts together. Fortunately, someone has now found the solution.

On YouTube, Kenn Pillonel shows exactly how he did it. He created the parts for the case of the AirPods Pro using a 3D printer. These are easy to assemble and detach.

Kenn Pillonel is a modder who has previously made an iPhone with a USB C port. Now he’s back with a new AirPods Pro case. He has a reason for that, too.


“I am concerned about the prevailing trend in the industry. Most gadgets are designed without regard to repairability. This is in contrast to the durable technology of the past that seemed built to last,” says the maker of the AirPods Pro case.

And admittedly, Pillonel certainly has a point. Companies like Apple and Samsung promote being green by making smaller packaging and not including chargers. But why don’t those companies make their products so that they are easily repairable and thus last longer? That would be much better for the environment. So with the AirPods Pro, it’s already possible.

Pillonel’s AirPods Pro case is mounted with screws instead of glue, making it easy to take apart. In the video, he also shows how to make your own AirPods Pro case, although it’s not that simple. You’ll need some skill and patience to do it.

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