How the future Apple Watch will change your smartwatch use

How the future Apple Watch will change your smartwatch use forever

Anno 2023, the Apple Watch is more than just a smartwatch. The smartwatch is, of course, the ideal way to keep track of your health. Only now it looks very much like it is about to change for good.

Anyone who owns a Watch probably has ’em on their wrist all day long. Which makes sense, since there’s little point in actually detaching it. And let that be exactly where Apple wants to completely change its smartwatch.

Apple Watch takes smartwatch to next level

The smart heads at Apple are now thinking about a substantial redesign of your little friend on the wrist. A new patent application gives us an idea of what that should roughly look like.

The new patent application tracked down by Apple Insider goes by the name: “Watch Having a Release Mechanism.” In it, we see both the pros and cons when the Apple Watch is on the wrist.

Apple Watch Ultra, iPhone 15Strong and incredibly light. (Image: Apple)

Advantages and disadvantages

The patent application states, “Watches and other wearable devices are generally attractive to users because of their portability, aesthetic appeal and various functionalities, on the basis that they are attached to the user’s body.”

So much for the benefits. There is also a note in the paper about the drawback of the Apple Watch. “Unfortunately, wearable devices remain limited in the number of functions they offer and cannot accomplish all desirable features.”

A remarkable solution

To solve that problem, Apple has found a remarkable way. A drawing shows how to easily detach the case of the Apple Watch. This does not require detaching the strap. The document describes several ways to disconnect the case from the band.

The big advantage of this is that you can use the smartwatch’s sensors in a different way. For example, a camera can even be added.

Apple Watch detachment patent.This is how to detach the Apple Watch in a special way. (Image: Apple Insider)

That the company is taking this idea further is not very strange. While the Apple Watch was very much linked to the iPhone in the beginning, the device now works much more independently. As a result, you no longer always need your iPhone when you go out with your Apple Watch. So if you want to go out on your own with the smartwatch, detaching it gives you a lot more options for which you normally use a phone.

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