iPad tenth generation what will the tablet have to offer us

iPad (tenth-generation): what will the tablet have to offer us in 2022?

Yesterday we wrote about the new iPad Air. That new device would be ideal for video calling. But what can we expect from the standard model in 2022?

It is expected that we can expect the tenth generation of the iPad in late 2022. Until then, it’s up to the other models to shine and show what innovations its bringing.

iPad (tenth-generation): what will the tablet have to offer us in 2022?

If we have to go off of Twitter user Dylandkt, who does leak things quite often and is regularly correct, the new iPad is not going to be very exciting. It’s actually been that way for the last few years. The standard model is, say, the safe shopping cart. Perfect to do your thing with, but not to blow you away. For that, you have to be with the Air or the Pro. According to him, there would be talk of a new model that supports 5G, among other things. There is also talk of support for Wifi 6, which is going to become fairly standard today, and it will feature the A14 processor.

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The iPad 10th Generation is coming out towards the end of this year with 5G, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6, A14 processor, 10.2 inch display, and the lightening connector. This will be the last model before a redesign is to take place in 2023.

– Dylan (@dylandkt) January 17, 2022

Other than that, the tenth-generation iPad wasn’t going to bring a whole lot of innovations. Like the ninth generation, it will have a 10.2-inch screen with an old-fashioned Home button. Furthermore, it would continue to use the Lightning connector instead of USB-C that you see in the other models. In short, an ideal device to soon watch your favorite series or do some work on it.

Late this year

The tenth generation iPad is not expected to come out until the end of this year. As for that, you can make do with the old model for now. Want to read more about that? Then check out this article.