1680503803 Millions of iPhone users may unlock three secret apps

Millions of iPhone users may unlock three secret apps

Your iPhone has more to hide than you think. In fact, there are three secret apps available on your smartphone. To unlock them, you need to do fairly little. You don’t even have to download them because they are already on your device.

Each of the three secret apps brings a benefit, allowing you to get even more functionality from your iPhone. Once you know about them, you’ll use them more often than you think.

3 secret apps on your iPhone

These are the three secret apps on your iPhone that you really want to use once. Here they come.

#1 Signal Test

The first secret app concerns a trick that will help you gain more insight into your iPhone’s mobile connection. You can conjure up a hidden menu that will give you a better idea of your provider’s signal strength in a given location. Call *3001#12345#* to get started.

On the dashboard, you can then see all sorts of useful measurements. It’s especially useful to look for the Reference Signal Received Power. This value can be identified by the letters “rsrq” with a 0 or 1 after it. Where you find it depends on your provider. The value is always negative. -40 is the best signal, while -130 is the worst.

iPhone gets these new features after latest update iOS 16.4The iPhone 14 Pro. (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

#2 Code scanner

Your iPhone also has a handy code scanner hidden away. You can’t find it in the App Store, nor will you find it in your list of apps. To bring up this app, your best bet is to enter “code scanner” in your phone’s search function.

You can then use this app to scan a QR code, such as in a restaurant, and then be directed to a link to place an order, for example. You can also add the code scanner to your Control Panel through the settings on your iPhone for even faster access.

#3 Magnifier on your iPhone

In addition, your iPhone features a handy hidden magnifying glass. It allows you to easily magnify text and images. You conjure up the app by searching for “magnifying glass. You can also attach the magnifier to the side button using the accessibility settings, so you can use it even faster.

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