Motorist badly screwed because of crash detection on iPhone

Motorist badly screwed because of crash detection on iPhone

That crash detection on your iPhone can also get you into a lot of trouble has been experienced by a New Zealand man. He got into trouble because his iPhone called the police. And he turned out to like a drink, the New Zealand website Stuff reports.

Crash detection is a blessing in itself. It’s the ideal feature when you have an accident. The moment your iPhone or Apple Watch notices you coming to a sudden stop at a reasonably high speed, it immediately calls an emergency service. The nice thing about the feature is also that it instantly transmits the location. So should you be unable to talk, the appropriate emergency services will still know how to find you easily.

Crash detection on iPhone went off while skiing

Incidentally, crash detection has caused some problems in the past. First, there were several incidents where services were called by an iPhone when people were on a roller coaster. Other times, emergency calls were placed because people were skiing. Incidentally, Apple has fixed that thunder with updates for now.

For the man from New Zealand, the iPhone feature did work correctly. Namely, he parked his car against a tree at one o’clock in the morning and therefore the police were called immediately.


Rescuer in distress

Apple’s crash detection is a relatively new feature available for the iPhone 14 (Plus), iPhone 14 Pro (Max), Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2022 and Apple Watch Ultra.

A drunken action

However, they found that the man sounded quite drunk. They therefore immediately sent a police car to the scene. When they wanted the 46-year-old man to blow, he became aggressive and refused to cooperate. He was then arrested by the police and taken away.

A wise lesson, then, is to turn off crash detection if you get behind the wheel drunk. Óor, by definition, just don’t do that at all, methinks.

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