5 improvements the much discussed new iMac could really use

New iMac with M3 chip appears around this date

Looking to buy an iMac? Then it’s best to wait a little longer. A new version is coming that also gets the M3 chip.

The iMac is the ideal desktop for many Apple users. It is a powerful computer that has something for everyone. With its sleek design and special colors, it has a splashy look and combined with its good performance, it is rightly a special machine.

The iMac with M3 is coming

The last iMac dates back to 2021 and runs on the M1 chip. High time for an update, you might say. Apple is going to do just that, though it seems to be skipping the M2 entirely and coming out with a version with the M3 chip.

It’s a logical choice for Apple to go for the M3 chip, since the M2 is getting a bit older. The iMac will be the first Mac to run on that processor. Moreover, the M3 is the first Apple Silicon chip made with the 3nm technology.

In September, of course, Apple will hold an event for the iPhone, but we won’t see the new iMac in it yet. In October, the company will hold a Mac event and there the new iMac will be shown for the first time, reports Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his Power On news release.

Apple’s plans for the MacBook and iPad Pro

The new iMac appears to be the only Mac with M3 to be shown in October. A 13-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with M3 are also planned, but presumably we won’t see them until sometime in 2024. The same goes for the iPad Pro with M3 and an OLED screen.

M1 iMacNew keyboard! (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

So if you want a new iMac, it’s best to wait another three months to purchase one. At least then you’ll have access to the M3 chip, which will make the device significantly faster.

There may also be a 32-inch iMac with M3 coming, but that is not expected until late 2024, according to Gurman. So we will only get a 24-inch model.

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