1657485269 New iPadOS 15 update causes iPad mini 6 charging problems

New iPadOS 15 update causes iPad mini 6 charging problems

Do you have the most recent iPad mini in your home? If so, it’s smart to ignore the new update, iPadOS 15.5, for now. An internal memo to service providers now reveals that the small tablet is suffering from charging problems. A problem that comes from the latest software.

The internal memo is in the hands of the editors at Macrumors. The website is not publishing the full memo, but it does let us know that not every iPad mini 6 has to suffer from this. So it may be that you as an owner will escape the dance, but for now it’s best to be on the safe side, provided you haven’t updated yet.

iPad mini no longer charges

The memo, which was not intended for the general public, was sent from Apple to service providers. The message states that the Cupertino-based company is aware of the problems. In any case, it is true that people contacted Apple after they updated the iPad mini 6 to iPadOS 15.5.

iPad mini (2021)Reading time! (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

All of those people are reporting the same problem: the iPad is not charging since updating. Apple is recommending that service provider employees reboot the iPad mini 6 when customers come in with the problem. This is only a temporary fix until Apple figures out how to fix the problem.

An important detail

There is another important detail in the memo. Swapping the hardware is not going to fix the problem. So if you get a new iPad mini 6 with iPadOS 15.5 on board, the problems may persist. Installing a new battery won’t produce the desired results either. So this is really a software bug.

At the time of writing, Apple is testing iPadOS 15.6 as a beta. It could be that the American company makes the problems disappear like snow in the sun, but we’ll have to wait and see. At the moment it is not clear exactly what the update will bring and when it will actually be available.

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