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Buy iPhone from Swappie: how does it work and what is our experience?

Buying a new iPhone can be a considerable investment. Of course there are various options for buying a second-hand device, such as Marktplaats, but it’s also completely understandable if you find that too exciting. Fortunately, there is a reliable alternative in the form of Swappie. A company with a concept that sounds promising, but is it?

In theory, it is very nice if you can trust that the used phone you buy will meet expectations. And vice versa, too, that there will be no whining about the condition of the phone you sell yourself. In both cases, the main thing is that there is an objective assessment of the value that a used phone represents. Should a discussion arise, it will take place with a company and not with an emotional consumer with whom you have done business via, for example, Marktplaats.

How does Swappie work?

Swappie combines the advantages of the web store and online marketplace, this way you don’t pay the top price but also don’t run the risk of being ripped off.

In their own words:

“Swappie.com is a safe and reliable online store where you can order a little used and fully functioning smartphone for the best price. All our phones have been extensively tested and repaired according to a thorough process and using the latest technology. That’s why we can offer you our comprehensive 24-month Swappie warranty on every phone.”

Tested: buying and selling an iPhone through SwappieFast and easy (Image: Swappie)

Why does Swappie work?

“All the phones we sell have been subjected to a thorough and rigorous testing process. We only sell refurbished phones, so you can be confident that both the phone and the battery will work properly. All batteries have at least 80% of the original capacity, which means that the condition of the battery is extremely good. All phones are simlock free, fully tested, and work like new. We provide a 24 month warranty on all phones, your phone will be repaired or replaced if any faults occur during the warranty period. Swappie operates with 14 days return policy and a 100% safe and reliable service.”

Time for a test

We tried and searched for an iPhone. However, we didn’t want just any used one, but preferably one that was as good as new. Swappie works with the following categories:

As New: The phone may show light signs of use such as small scratches, but no noticeable markings.
Very Good: The phone has visible signs of use, such as scratches, dents, or other markings….
Fair: The phone shows obvious signs of use such as deep scratches, dents or other marks.

Buy iPhone

We chose an iPhone 13 mini, like new, including a new battery. We also chose the desired configuration in terms of memory (128 GB). This phone turned out to be very popular and was occasionally sold out. The nice thing about Swappie is that it is not supplied by Apple itself but by individual users, so there can be stock at any time of the day.

Even if you want a certain color, it pays to check in and refresh regularly. After first finding a light pink iPhone that met our requirements, we decided to wait a day before finding a beautiful blue one. We immediately went ahead and ordered it and also exchanged our old iPhone SE, more on that later.

The refurbished iPhone arrived quickly, via DHL. It came in a white box with Swappie logo incl charging cord. The condition of the device was as advertised. So like new. There were a few small, shallow scratches on the screen, but otherwise there was nothing to suggest that the phone was not new. The battery condition was 100%, so new.

Tested: buying and selling an iPhone via SwappieI received a device with a completely new battery (Image: Swappie)


Then trading in our old iPhone. You answer a few questions about the condition of your device and get an estimate of the value. If you agree to that, you complete the process and have your device picked up. Once it’s delivered to Swappie, you’ll hear the final valuation and the amount will be paid out. This makes it a lot more affordable to upgrade to a newer model every now and then.

All in all, this took a few days. First, we received a letter containing packing materials in which to send the iPhone. Also included was a shipping label for DHL. Very easy, the same day DHL Express came to pick up the package at home (at work is also possible).

Swappie may offer you a lower value than the initial estimate. You don’t have to agree with their offer, if you refuse it, they will send your phone back to you for free. In our case, by the way, the final value was a little lower than we estimated, but this was due to some pits in the side that I hadn’t looked at and some case-induced stains on the back.

Pro-tip: regularly remove your case from your phone and give your device and case a good clean. This will ensure that it doesn’t get ugly ín the case.


Swappie delivers on its promise by making both buying and selling a used appliance safe and secure. As a result, you have no stress during the buying or selling process and get guaranteed quality at a lower price. The steps we went through during the test felt transparent and reliable each time.

Check out Swappie here

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