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Hidden Android feature makes WiFi passwords a thing of the past

“What’s your Wi-Fi password?” almost has to be one of the most frequently asked questions of the last decade. Unnecessary, because there is a handy functionality that makes this unnecessary.

Generally speaking, this is something that people with iPhones seem to know better than people with Android smartphones. Something that is mainly due to the unfamiliarity of a certain functionality. Time to change that.

Hidden Android functionality for Wifi

If you’re connected to a Wifi connection, and someone likes to take advantage of that same connection, it’s very easy to share the password. Even so easy that your guests never have to enter them themselves. Even better: you just keep the password (Cheese pancakeswithonebitepeak18) to yourself.

On the home screen of your Android smartphone, swipe down and hold down the digital button for Wifi. You’ll be taken directly to the settings screen. Look for the Wifi connection you’re connected to and click on it (or on the little cog icon behind it). In addition to the options to forget or disconnect, it is also possible to share it.

Xiaomi 12 ProSome getting used to, but far from ugly (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Press that option, unlock your phone once more with a code or fingerprint scanner, and receive a QR code. Have it scanned by the person in need of a connection and you’re done, or Marijke, or Tim, or Charlotte, or whatever the person’s name may be.

Only thing to take into account is that the person who wants to connect must already be connected to the internet (4G, 5G or a mobile hotspot).

Put your iPhone with the screen down!

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