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How hot your iPhone can get in summer before it breaks down

If you use your iPhone for an extended period of time, it can sometimes get quite warm. What about if your smartphone is left on the beach in the sun? How hot can it get then before it flips?

In the Netherlands, the heat is still relatively not too bad this summer, but in southern Europe it’s a completely different story. There the mercury sometimes goes towards 45 degrees. If you’ve booked a vacation there, you need to consider not only your health, but also your iPhone.

High temperatures are bad for your iPhone

It is not very wise to lie on the beach at 45 degrees anyway. It’s better to stay inside and not move around too much. Drink lots of water and turn on a fan or air conditioner. The same applies to your iPhone. Leave it inside and preferably in a place in the shade.

Apple also gives advice regarding the use of the iPhone. According to the company, you should keep the iPhone in an environment between 0 and 35 degrees. That won’t work if you’re walking around outside in some places in southern Europe.

The iPhone does contain protection against high temperatures so it won’t overheat. So the phone can turn off, or it’s no longer able to charge. So although you are protected, that does not mean that high temperature does not affect the phone at all.

Effects on your battery

Constant hot temperatures affect your battery. This can damage it. First, in addition to the temperature of the device, you’ll notice that the screen dims and doesn’t work as well.

Is your iPhone slow? This simple trick makes it work fasterThe iPhone 14. (Image: Unsplash/Daniel Romero)

Later, a warning appears on the screen. You will see a thermometer pop up. The iPhone then blocks almost all functions. It is still possible to call emergency numbers and hear navigation via audio.

If you notice your iPhone getting hot, you would be wise to immediately turn it off and move it to a cooler place in the shade. Take off any case and place it in front of a fan or blow on it. Then again, putting the phone in the refrigerator or freezer is not a good idea.

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