Simple change significantly extends iPhone 15 Pro battery life

iOS 17.1 brings these improvements and features to your iPhone

As of today, it is possible to update your iPhone with a new operating system: iOS 17.1. The update is logically accompanied by a number of new features and improvements.

To install the update on your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. Then get the update in and press install. Your iPhone will reboot and then run on the new system.

iOS 17.1: epic new features for your iPhone

iOS 17.1 introduces a number of new features, including an exclusive for France. Users with an iPhone 12 can use the update to bring down that smartphone’s excessive radiation levels.


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For the remaining countries, the following improvements do occur:

AirDrop works at greater distances

During WWDC23, Apple showed off a new AirDrop functionality that allowed files to be sent over the Internet. That simply means you can send and receive them at greater distances.

In the initial launch of iOS 17, the feature was not yet available, but today’s update changes that.

iOS 17.1 brings these improvements and features to your iPhone (Image: Miguel Tomás)

Apple Music gets needed improvements

There are a number of new features within Apple Music for your iPhone:

Playlists, albums and songs are easy to add to your favorites.
Apple is rolling out a library of artwork so you can customize your playlists even more to your liking.
At the bottom of playlists, Apple comes up with some suggestions for new songs that match the style of your list.

StandBy for iPhone

As of last month, your iPhone is capable of StandBy: a mode that transforms your smartphone into a smart display.

Standby iPhoneStandby makes your iPhone a fine friend. (Image: Apple)

With iOS 17.1, it’s possible to stop that smart screen from going black. You now choose never, in addition to the 20-second option for turning off the display if necessary.

Your widgets just stay on your iPhone’s screen through this way.

iOS 17.1: improvements for your iPhone

Besides adding some fine features, Apple is also improving a number of things and coming up with fixes for problems.

A small sample of what iOS 17.1 means for your iPhone in this area:

Specific albums from the photo app can now be set for the background of your access screen.
House keys for supported Matter locks are now supported.
Screen time now syncs slightly better between devices.
When transferring or pairing another Apple Watch, the Important Location setting no longer resets.
Caller names reappear on screen once you are already on another call.
Custom and purchased ring tones reappear as an option for your text message tone.
The keyboard should be responsive again as of now.
Accident detection has been optimized for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models.
Images no longer stay on the screen (when intended).

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