iPad or iPhone which will be Apples first foldable product

iPad or iPhone: which will be Apple’s first foldable product?

Apple is working on a foldable product for 2026 or 2027, but will it be an iPhone, iPad or something completely different?

While Samsung and Google have already put their claws into the foldable phone market, Apple has yet to release any foldable devices. While we didn’t assume the iPhone 16 would change this, eyes are on Cupertino anyway.

New information now shows, once again, that those eyes may linger for a while. Apple will most likely come out with a foldable iPad first in 2026 or 2027.

Apple’s foldable iPhone or iPad

It will be some time before we get to see a foldable product from Apple, but relatively speaking, there is light at the end of the tunnel. According to Korea’s The Elec, the company plans to fold sometime between 2026 and 2027.

Rumors point to a display between 7-inch and 8-inch, raising expectations that we won’t get a new iPhone, but foldable iPad. So Apple could replace the current iPad mini here, given that model has an 8.3-inch display.

Foldable iPhoneConcept foldable iPhone. (Image: Foldable News)

Doubts do exist, however, as Apple is also said to be working on an OLED variant of the latter tablet. So it is much more likely that the company will bring that 20.5-inch “foldable MacBook” to market.

Runners are deadbeats

Apple’s absence from the foldable phone market is not entirely surprising when considering its history. The company typically often waits to innovate; they want to perfect their products before bringing it to market.

This can work out very well, take wireless chargers for example. In 2014 Samsung released their first wireless charger, Apple was later with this and came out with the wireless charging iPhone 8 in 2017. And when Apple came out with their wireless chargers, wireless chargers popped up everywhere.

Being first can also have bad consequences and invite a lot of problems. Samsung, for example, went full steam ahead with its first foldable smartphone. The Fold was a gigantic flop and broke down with many journalists and reviewers shortly after its first use due to things like bulges on the fold line.

Samsung Galaxy Fold problems (Image: MKBHD / YouTube)

So Apple may be doing the right thing in waiting, but aren’t they waiting a long time now? The first foldable phone came out in 2019. Apple’s first foldable product is not expected until 2026 at the earliest, which is a difference of seven years. With that, isn’t Apple waiting a little too long?

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