IPhone 15 gets hefty new benefits thanks to USB C

IPhone 15 gets hefty new benefits thanks to USB-C

Apple presented the new iPhone 15 models during Wonderlust. In addition to standard improvements such as an even better camera and screen, they also get a new USB-C port. This one also has another advantage.

For years, the entire tech world wondered why Apple was clinging frenetically to the iPhone’s Lightning connector. Even some iPads had USB-C for years, while the smartphone lagged behind. Now, due to EU regulations, Apple also had to change tack, and that gives you many advantages.

Video: watch the presentation here.

USB-C features on the iPhone 15

The benefits with the iPhone 15 go far beyond not having to buy a different cable for each device. Your smartphone becomes even more functional.


USB-C ports will make it even easier to charge faster in the future. So far, Apple is sticking to 20W, which gives it the same speed as lightning. In the future, it will be easier to allow higher speeds. Still, the question is whether you want that, since too fast a speed can come at the expense of the battery in a device.

Besides, you can use cables from any other smartphone to charge the iPhone 15. Handy if you want to charge your phone at work or at friends’ houses and everyone has an Android. That way you can easily borrow a cable.

Connecting to other devices

The USB-C port makes it easy to connect the iPhone to external hard drives, 4K screens and microphones. The regular USB-C cable you get with the phone is enough. So you don’t need to buy separate cables for it, which is very nice.

Apple unveils iPhone 15 and 15 Pro with these new featuresThe 15 Pro. (Image: Apple)

The USB-C port allows for faster file transfers from one device to another. The iPhone 15 Pro even supports USB 3, allowing you to transfer files up to 20 times faster. A nice feature, but the big question is how often you will really use this. These days we mostly transfer files wirelessly from one device to another.

iPhone 15 as a power bank

Yet there’s an even finer feature. Your new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro are now the ideal power bank. The USB-C port allows you to charge your Apple Watch or AirPods. Just keep in mind that the base model does not have a huge battery, but for a quick charge of your earbuds, it is ideal.

The big question is whether this feature will work on non-Apple products. The company itself has not yet made any statements about that. We probably won’t find out until September 22, since the new iPhone 15 line will be in stores from then on.

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