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Free The Roku Channel should make you forget about Netflix and Disney+

When we think of streaming services, we massively think of big names like Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max. Yet there are many other players on the market and some are even completely free. Such as The Roku Channel.

The Roku Channel may sound like a bad Japanese anime series, but it is not at all. It is a so-called FAST service, or a free streaming service that gets its income from advertising. An ideal alternative if you don’t want to pay for Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+ for a while.

The Roku Channel as a free alternative to Netflix and Disney+

Roku is a major player internationally in the field of television, but is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands. The company makes media boxes, which is similar to a Chromecast, and provides software for smart TVs, which in turn you can compare Google TV. That’s a handy service, of course, but the company does much more. It even has its own streaming service.

The Roku Channel is one of the many channels you can find on a Roku device. Like Netflix and Disney+, it offers various series and movies as it has deals with various movie studios. Don’t expect the latest content right away, but there are quite a few well-known titles within the offerings. In addition, you also have access to quite a few other (free) channels, each with their own content.

As mentioned, The Roku Channel has several free series and movies. For example, through the service you can watch Reno 911, The Blair Witch Project, Train to Busan and Disney’s Frozen II, among others.

Available in the Netherlands?

Unfortunately, The Roku Channel is not available in the Netherlands. In Europe, this free “Netflix and Disney+ competitor” offers its services only in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. By the way, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the service. Via a VPN, it is simply possible to watch The Roku Channel.

However, this doesn’t quite happen overnight. To use The Roku Channel, you must have a device that supports the streaming service. Those are a Roku device, an Amazon Fire TV or a smart TV from Samsung. The brand’s devices, however, can simply be purchased in the Netherlands through Amazon.

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