Particular Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will cost you just over

Particular Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will cost you just over €6300

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is an impressive smartphone. Not only in terms of design and specifications, but also certainly in terms of price tag. That it can only get a whole lot crazier is something the people of Caviar will be happy to show you.

The company is known for the absurd variants in which it offers products to consumers like you and me. Think of an iPhone with a piece of the moon, a T-Rex tooth or an 18-carat gold PlayStation 5. This should almost be a party.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from €6310

There was a time when a smartphone over €1000 seemed like a ridiculous thing. To be honest, anno 2022 it is still ridiculous, but we are more willing to actually put down the amount. So the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra of at least €1249 and up to €1649 will just sell well again. Although it can still get a lot wilder than that.

The people at Caviar have once again gone all out and come up with a special Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. This is the ‘Ocelet’ model which features double gold (24-carat) alloy, black PVD titanium and an all gold Caviar logo.

Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraNice model, though (Image: Caviar)

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in question is a special one, as there are only 99 available in the world. That’s what you pay for, as the model with 128GB of storage will cost you €6310. Logically, you can also expand this to 256GB (€6590) and 512GB (€6950).

More unusual models

It may be that you find the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Ocelot just a bit too expensive. In that case, it is good to know that there are alternatives. You can get the Bird of Prey for €6110, the Victory for €5970 and the Titanium for €5770.

Personally, I think the Great Gatsby, a variant that will cost you at least €6180, is the most beautiful of the bunch. Besides the (24k) gold alloy, the device also features a Black Phantom finish with a three-dimensional design. Particularly sleek, if you ask me.

Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraIs a party anyway? (Image: Caviar)

Want to know more? Check out Caviar’s website at this link.

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