Samsung Galaxy S23 on the street this is what the

Samsung Galaxy S23 on the street: this is what the Android phone looks like

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is still a long way off, but the Android phone won’t have many secrets. After several specifications could be plucked off the street, now the device’s marketing material seems to have been leaked.

After the release date of the new flagship was announced earlier this week, today we see exactly what Galaxy S23 will look like. So, as was the case in previous years, the material leaked for marketing purposes included 2023. Whew!

Samsung Galaxy S23 already on the street

Both the design and the different color options have been available online since today. We owe that to the German website WinFuture, which, for Samsung, tends to spoil the party. It won’t be official until February 1, but the Samsung Galaxy S23 will hold few secrets for you in terms of design.

As mentioned, these are the official marketing renders that Samsung will be using starting next month. So on them, you can clearly see what camera system the South Korean company uses and what the device looks like from certain angles.

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Galaxy S23: This is Samsung’s new flagship phone in official marketing pics (like actually from Samsung, not some very creative person on a forum and stuff, y’all know what I’m talking aboot)

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Should the images actually be official (grain of salt never hurts) the Samsung Galaxy S23 does something different from its predecessor. Whereas last year only the Ultra no longer carried a camera island, now all models in the Android phone line seem to feature the design.

Other than that, the models look a lot like the ones we got to see in 2022. Not many surprises in that area, then.

When will you get to see the Android phone?

The complete picture seems to be getting clearer and clearer, but the information is not official yet. For that, you’ll have to be very patient until Galaxy Unpacked: the event where the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will see the light of day.

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, the event will take place live from San Francisco. Wondering what else you all need to know about Galaxy Unpacked? Jeroen talks you all the way through in the article below.

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