1677126938 Samsung must fear Motorolas foldable three screen RAZR

Samsung must fear Motorola’s foldable three-screen RAZR

In the foldable smartphone field, the world is a bit upside down. Companies like Samsung, Google and perhaps Apple are all doing their best to release kneadable phones. But suddenly Motorola stands up again with a potential new design, and it’s damn sexy. WANT editor Dennis Mons sees this tech whirlwind.

I’ve argued before that the phone world has become boring. Sharper screen? Sure. Better cameras? Who would have expected otherwise? A completely different look with three screens? I didn’t see that one coming but in all likelihood Motorola is planning it and may knock Samsung off its throne with a new RAZR, according to leaker Evan Blass.

A Samsung foldable flagship but prefer a Motorola?

Let’s make one thing very clear: Motorola is and remains by far the brand that put a flipphone (aka a phone that you fold) on the map.

There was a luxury charm that only a Motorola had: you were rich and you had the latest of the latest. Those times may be gone, but the brand from America isn’t giving up. And as details leak about a new device, I stand by the statement that Motorola has made the most beautiful phones ever.

Smartphones these days feel boring. They’re silly blocks you press on and they look alike. But there is one product category where you never hear that word: foldable phones and tablets. They are intriguing, but far from perfect. But it’s not as if the market is standing still, as Motorola proves.

While Samsung continues to dominate the space, competitors such as Oppo have made serious hardware developments, while rumors of Google and OnePlus and even Apple continue to swirl when it comes to foldable phones.

Motorola Razr 5GCLOSED RAZR 5G from last year. (Image: Motorola)

The best foldable phone?

Some photos have now surfaced thanks to ‘tasty’ Evan Blass. It will most likely be the latest device in the RAZR series, and with all due respect to Samsung, this may well be the ‘foldable’ of the future.


Again, this is a folding clamshell shape, building on the design last seen on the third, fourth and fifth-generation Razr and gives you the feel of the mega-hit from the 2000s.

If this device comes out (and we hope it does), this is a handsome piece of work. Unlike most clamshell phones, Motorola seems to extend the external display over most of the device. That means it has to account for not one, not two, but three screen notches to make room for both camera sensors and the flash.

Will we then pay close attention to any creases in the screen (or in this case screens)? Most definitely.

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Many other details about the new RAZR are not known, but clearly Motorola is not giving in just yet. And in fairness, they may be making the sexiest phones ever. Hopefully they’ll do it again.

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