Life threatening Google Chrome extension is nightmare for your crypto

The popular Android apps you want to delete from your smartphone immediately

The Google Play Store recently had another set of apps on its shelves that were unfortunately anything but safe. Time for Android users to remove them as soon as possible.

It is unfortunately a regular occurrence for developers with malicious intentions to get their apps into the Google Play Store. Indeed, there are even applications that end up in Google’s top lists and are downloaded by tens to hundreds of thousands of Android users.

Facing Bleeping Computer, research firm ThreatFabric announces that it’s now hit again. Time to take action, in other words.

Android users want to remove these apps

Apps that clean up your Android smartphone and apps that make it easy to view PDFs are mainly the culprits. These are about five names that together managed to amass between 150,000 and 200,000 downloads.

The following five names are involved:

Phone Cleaner – File Explorer
PDF Viewer – File Explorer
PDF Reader – Viewer & Editor
Phone Cleaner – File Explorer
PDF Reader – File Manager

Nothing's attack on Apple curbed by Google (Image: Nothing)

Although Android apps have already been removed from the Google Play Store, they have not yet disappeared from smartphones if users have not done so. Therefore, it is therefore smart to still do so.

Such applications usually target your personal data or install malware on your device. They pretend to be different than they are and that’s never okay. Not even if you are an app.

Warnings from Google

While companies like Apple and Google are really trying hard to keep users as safe as possible (some are a little better at it than others), it is also good to be naturally wary yourself. To keep thinking logically, if we may call it that.

By the way, Google thinks so too. The American company, which is itself part of the problem with Gemini, issued a warning about AI. Indeed, more and more Android and iPhone users seem to be giving away their data in this area just like that. So be careful what you do. Even in your digital life.


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Fortunately for those with Samsung or Pixel smartphones, there is a new tool to help you do just that.

We’ll tell you all about that in the article below:

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