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These are the best cheap Android smartphones of 2023

Android also launched quite a few new devices in 2023. Even at a soft price. We have listed the best options for you.

Android has had an excellent year. The operating system is once again featured in some great new smartphones. Think of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and the Google Pixel 8 Pro. These types of models are just pricey. No wonder you like to look for a cheaper alternative.

What exactly “cheap” means varies from person to person, of course. Some buyers have a hard price limit in mind, while others look at value for money in general.

These are Android’s best budget smartphones in 2023

In the list below you will find all kinds of cheaper Android smartphones of different prices. But most of them are under 500 euros. And at this time of year, you might be able to score even better deals. Is there something for you among them?

#1 Best Android smartphone overall: Google Pixel 7a

The Pixel 7a is the best budget phone on our list. In fact, it is tremendously good for the price you pay for it. The Android smartphone has an easy operating system that delivers good performance day in and day out.

In the process, the device features two cameras. A main sensor with a 64 MP unit, and a smaller 13 MP sensor for ultra-wide shots.

Android finally comes up with good answer to iPhone featureThe Google Pixel (Image: Google)

#2 Samsung Galaxy A54

The Galaxy A54 has a vibrant 6.4-inch 1080p OLED screen. It can even change 120 times per second, which makes for ultra-fast usage. The design of the Android smartphone is kind of what you expect from Samsung. But for this price, that’s not wrong at all. The smartphone is simple and works just fine.

The device has three cameras on the back. They work well in daylight, but in the evening and night it can be a bit more difficult.

Samsung Galaxy A54 (Image: Samsung)

#3 Samsung Galaxy A14

If you still find the Galaxy A54 a bit too expensive, the A14 might suit you better. In fact, the Android smartphone is a cheaper, and simple, version of the A54.

The Galaxy A14 has a 6.6-inch LCD screen, which is less sharp than the OLED in the A54. But you can do well with that, too. The device has a 50 MP camera on the back and a pair of 5 MP sensors for precise shots.

The best thing about the A14 is its battery capacity. According to Samsung, you can use the smartphone for at least an entire day before you need to recharge it.

Samsung Galaxy A14 (Image: Samsung)

#4 Best budget foldable smartphone: Motorola Razr

Foldable smartphones are still fairly new. So bargains are hard to find in this category. The Motorola Razr is still pricey, but a tad more affordable compared to competitors. The Motorola Razr is actually a smaller version of the more expensive Razr+. It has many of the same components, but at a lower price.

When you flip open the Android phone, you see a large and nice 6.9-inch screen. The screen looks good and Motorola has done a good job of hiding the crease in the screen. That’s something other foldable phones often struggle with.

Motorola Razr (Image: Motorola)

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