Everything you need to know about Virtuagyms new AI tool

Everything you need to know about Virtuagym’s new AI tool

AI this year has become a kind of magic search engine that can solve everything for you. Now the service can also create customized health plans in Virtuagym’s app. That way you can achieve a real “summer body” in no time.

Working out and eating healthy is something we all need to do. But if you don’t have enough knowledge about it, you can spend hours sweating in the gym without seeing any results. That’s why many people seek help from professionals, for a customized plan.

An overpriced personal trainer, meanwhile, is no longer necessary. Recently, you can use AI to develop a customized health plan, without taking a step out the door. All thanks to Virtuagym.

What is Virtuagym anyway?

Before we tell you more about the AI coach, let’s give you a refresher on Virtuagym. It is a leading fitness and health app worldwide. With innovative tools for tracking nutrition and training, the service is the ideal support for achieving your fitness goals.

Virtuagym currently helps more than 20 million people worldwide, more than nine thousand fitness companies and 45,000 personal trainers. Virtuagym currently has about two hundred employees spread across offices in Amsterdam and North and South America. It recently added a new employee: artificial intelligence.

AI tool from VirtuagymChatting with a chatbot. (Image: Virtuagym)

Sports with help from AI

If you would like to live a healthier life but are unsure how to go about it, Virtuagym’s AI coach can be a great help. The service offers fully automated training support at different levels. Whether you are a beginner or already more experienced in fitness.

The AI coach is included in the Virtuagym Fitness mobile app. Based on your goals and fitness level. Virtuagym has a huge database of exercises. The virtual coach has a choice of more than six thousand different workouts.

With the AI Coach, you can specify your fitness goals, workout level and other preferences in a chat conversation. Then you’ll receive a personalized workout tailored to your needs, including exercise instructions and 3D-animated instructional videos. You can do the workout right at home or at the gym, save it to your personal workout library or schedule it in your calendar.

Virtuagym plans to expand tool

Virtuagym’s digital personal trainer works with other features from the app. These include tracking your activity and heart rate with wearables, monitoring your body composition and getting help with healthy eating.

The service is initially available to all Virtuagym PRO users. You can try the AI coach for free for seven days. In the future, Virtuagym plans to expand the AI Coach to include trainers, fitness clubs and large corporations.

Virtuagym AI Coach is now available in Virtuagym’s fitness app on both Google Play and Apple Store.

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