Original iPhone under hammer for exorbitant amount

This is how you catch 100,000 euros for your old iPhone

You regularly see reports that an old iPhone has been sold for a mega amount, but how do you sell your old rascal for a huge amount?

It was that time again this week: a first-generation iPhone went under the hammer at auction for $130,000. You may be thinking now: can I sell my iPhone for a hefty sum, too?

That’s not easy, because your iPhone must definitely meet a few requirements. We’ll go over them with you so you’ll know if your smartphone really is worth a small fortune.

First-generation iPhone is worth $130,000

Last week, an original 2007 iPhone sold for $130,027.20, while the auction started at a starting amount of $10,000. Incidentally, the owner had some bad luck, as another copy sold earlier for $190,373.

To be precise, this is a first-generation model with 4 GB of memory. Of course, that is hugely disproportionate to the iPhone 15 we now walk around with in our pockets. An 8 GB version fetched “only” $20,713 during the auction and a first Apple Watch from 2015 $2,761.

Here's what your iPhone must meet to sell for tonsThe one that sold for well over $130,000. (Image: LCG Auctions)

Here’s what your iPhone must meet

Okay, so the first condition your iPhone must meet is that it is one from the first generation. Those from the second generation and later are less rare and also the story behind them is less unique, so the willingness to spend a lot of money on them is not as high.

Got that first-generation iPhone and already counting yourself rich? Just wait a little longer! There are some more requirements the smartphone must meet. It must be in perfect condition.

For this, the packaging must have never been opened and must still be in the sealed plastic. The chances of your iPhone meeting these requirements are slim. After all, why would you buy one, only to never use it and leave it sealed in a box?

That closed box is only a condition, because there are eyes and hooks in that too. The condition of the box must also be in optimal condition. For example, the front must still have bright colors and not have any signs of fading.


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Also, there must not be a single dent in the iPhone’s case. At least seven of the eight corners must be sharp and all edges completely straight. The factory seal is clean and the seam details of the plastic must be intact. In other words, it should still be as tight as it was 16 years ago and therefore no holes.

What is a good investment though?

You probably don’t meet these requirements. If you now have the idea of buying an iPhone 15 and keeping it sealed for 20 years, there is still a slim chance that it will actually be auctioned for a fortune.

One device where that chance might be there is the Apple Vision Pro. This is a completely new first-generation product, which could just be the beginning of a new future. However, are you going to spend $3,499 and leave it in the closet for 20 years, with the risk that it may not increase in value at all?

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