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Why experts say your iPhone should take a break every night

You would do well to turn off your iPhone for 5 minutes every night, according to tech experts. This will make your smartphone a lot safer. We tell you why this is so.

It was an unusual message Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had for his people: turn off your smartphone for five minutes every night. Yet experts say he is right in this. But why is it better for your iPhone to do this?

Turn off your iPhone for five minutes every night

You probably hardly ever turn off your iPhone. When the battery is low, you charge it immediately so that everyone can always reach you. Even in the cinema, you probably don’t turn off your phone. Instead, it’s on silent.

Still, it certainly doesn’t hurt to do this with your iPhone. “We all have a responsibility. We can do simple things for our safety. For example, turn off your phone for five minutes every night. Do this every 24 hours, for example, when you brush your teeth,” the president says in the speech.

This is not the first time such advice has been given. Previously, the U.S. intelligence agency NSA recommended rebooting your iPhone at least once a week.

Why you should do this

It’s interesting that the Australian version of Mark Rutte is saying this, but why exactly is he doing it? You might be thinking of saving the iPhone’s battery, but there’s another reason: security.

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Turning off the iPhone automatically restarts all apps, making your phone much safer. If there is a malicious app on your phone, turning it off prevents it from automatically collecting data. This is because it closes the processes running in the background.

Even restarting the process after turning on the iPhone frustrates a hacker. It may not completely help prevent hacking, but it does make it a lot harder to steal data from an iPhone.

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