1687942028 Free sequel Hogwarts Legacy now playable on iPhone and Android

Free sequel Hogwarts Legacy now playable on iPhone and Android

Are you a true Harry Potter fan and have played Hogwarts Legacy all the way through? Then you may well fall into a black hole. Fortunately, this new game puts an end to that, and it’s completely free too on your iPhone and Android device.

You see, a new Harry Potter game is out. You won’t find this one, like Hogwarts Legacy, on your PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X or Nintendo Switch. All you need is an iPhone or Android device.

A Hogwarts Legacy successor on Android and iPhone

Now Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is out, which is actually quite late. The game had been playable in China and Taiwan since 2021. A few months ago a number of countries were added, but now it is finally the turn of the Netherlands.

When you immediately think of a free game for iPhone or Android: that won’t be much? Well, then you’re wrong. The game has a really nice drawing style and therefore looks very good. Real attention has been paid by the creators to the smallest details, just like you saw earlier in Hogwarts Legacy.

And that’s admirable, because a number of free Harry Potter games have already come out for iPhone and Android, but they weren’t as good as this one. Consider, for example, Niantic’s AR game, which wanted to turn it into a kind of Pokémon Go.

This is Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened on iPhone and Android certainly isn’t. It is also nothing like Hogwarts Legacy in terms of gameplay. It’s a bit more like Marvel Snap, but still not quite. It is a combination between a card game and real-time strategy. There are also some fun mini-games in there for the real fan.

When you get into a battle, your characters automatically attack with basic spells. Using the cards you have, you create more powerful spells. Perhaps you can also try your favorite spell from Hogwarts Legacy.

The game for Android and iPhone is free. It does contain microtransactions, as you are used to from mobile games. The good thing, however, is that you don’t need them to just play well. There is enough content to keep you entertained for hours. That way, after Hogwarts Legacy, you have something to do as a true Harry Potter fan again.

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