Xiaomi brings much discussed Redmi Note 12 to Europe soon

Xiaomi really wants to bring bizarre charging speed to Android

Android phones are almost perfect anno 2023. Displays are fantastic, processors faster than necessary and cameras more impressive than ever. Actually, only the battery leaves something to be desired. Xiaomi plans to tackle that problem.

At Mobile World Congress 2023, sister brand Redmi already showed a charging technology that made us particularly hot. Thanks to 300W of power, the company clacks a 4100mAh smartphone battery full within five minutes. Time to bring it to market.

Xiaomi wants to bring bizarre technology to Android

When exactly no one really knows, but that Xiaomi will bring the technology to market is pretty much a given. According to Digital Chat Station, a Chinese source, Redmi plans to produce the 300W charging capability. In fact, mass production of devices with the tech is already on the agenda.

Exactly which Android smartphone Xiaomi will equip with the bizarre technology is not yet known. That it surpasses the Redmi GT3, the device with the fastest charging at the moment, may be obvious. This Android phone (with a 4600mAh battery) fully charges in 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

While that’s obviously already a speed many Android users will be happy with, Xiaomi thinks it can be even faster. Wait five minutes for your phone to fully charge? We’ll sign for it!

Doubts about functionality

Okay, charging with 300W of power is, of course, totally cool. Still, the innovation, which we saw for the first time at this year’s Mobile World Congress, is facing some criticism.

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Redmi 300 watt charging will fully charge 4100mAh battery in 5 minutes. pic.twitter.com/EnH3VHFbT9

– Abhishek Yadav (@yabhishekhd) February 28, 2023

While charging a battery quickly is a great advantage at first glance, it also comes with a considerable disadvantage. This is because charging capabilities of these proportions do not improve the health of the battery. Quite the contrary, in fact.

There are numerous companies that currently charge their phones at 67W. In fact, there are also models that do it with less power. By adjusting the efficiency of charging, this actually works incredibly well anno 2023.

Charging at such a speed is not yet in the cards for these Android models, but it seems to be the perfect middle ground. While devices with 67W can be charged quite quickly, in terms of battery health, not too much seems to be lost.

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo go for it

That doesn’t stop Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, by the way, from reinventing the game. Android manufacturers are diligently looking for ways to make smartphone charging faster.

Oppo Find X5The Oppo X5 (Image: Oppo)

For example, several devices with 120W charging power are currently on the market, so higher speeds are being considered.

Whether it’s healthy for the battery or not, chances are Xiaomi is setting a new goal for rival Android manufacturers with the Redmi technology.

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