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You get quite a few new emoji on your iPhone: these are them

We use emojis in addition to many words to express our feelings. Although there are already an awful lot of types, there’s always one missing that you’re just looking for. Fortunately, some new ones are now coming to your iPhone.

An emoji is sometimes just the easiest way to respond quickly. Think of a smiley face when you find something funny, or a heart when you feel love for something.

Over the years, more and more emojis have been added. Consequently, we have more and more choices on our iPhones about exactly which ones we want to use. With iOS 17.4, even more new ones are being added.


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New emoji on your iPhone

iOS 17.4 in March is mostly about sideloading. Apple also makes it possible to download apps from other stores in the App Store. My colleague Mark tells you all about it in this article. Because of that big news, other features in the updated version of the operating system for your iPhone are snowed under.

So one of those new features are the new emoji. Last year, Emojipedia already announced the 108 new emoji. Not all of these are very innovative, by the way. For example, some versions involve adding new skin colors and a different gender.

These are them

OK, so which emoji are new on your iPhone? First up are the no-shaker and the yes-shaker. This should be evident by the gray lines drawn on the emoji. There are also four gender-neutral family emoji coming in iOS 17.4.

But there are also a number of other symbols coming. First up is the phoenix. You will soon be able to add the firebird to your posts as well. Ideal for anyone with a fiery character. In addition, there is also a broken chain.

You get hefty new emojis on your iPhone: these are themThe new ones. (Image: Emojipedia)

For vegetable lovers who can thoroughly enjoy an eggplant or corn on the cob, two options are being added to the iPhone. From now on, you can also choose a mushroom and a lime.

You’ll have to wait a while for this emoji because iOS 17.4 isn’t out yet. It is expected to come in March. So you will have to be patient for a while.

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