When to expect Fortnite back on your iPhone

When to expect Fortnite back on your iPhone

You probably caught on: Apple is making a (forced) big change on the iPhone. Soon, other app stores will be available. That also means Fortnite is coming back. But when exactly?

A big cheer must have risen in Epic’s office when Apple’s decision was announced. The company, under pressure from the European Union, is going to open the iPhone to other app stores. One of them is Epic, which already has its own game store on the PC.

But in addition to having its own app store, Epic is also the maker of Fortnite. Over that, it has had a big fight with Apple in recent years. That all had to do with in-app payments and the position of Apple’s App Store.

Fortnite on the iPhone

That bickering eventually led Apple to throw Epic out of the App Store. So that meant the end of Fortnite on the App Store. With the decision to allow other app stores again, the app may return, and not only that.

Epic is going to bring its Games Store to the iPhone. The company reveals that this should happen later in 2024. What is also certain is that Fortnite will become available through that sales channel. It’s obvious that this will be sometime in March, when Apple actually throws everything open as well.

Fortnite Zero Build (Image: Epic Games)

Fortnite has currently been unplayable on the iPhone for more than three years. The resulting lawsuit, over in-app payments, only officially concluded last week. Apple was vindicated on most issues.

Besides Epic, more competitors for Apple

It will now be interesting to see how everything moves forward. Fortnite maker Epic Games is the first to announce an app store for the iPhone. It won’t be long before more companies announce its arrival on iOS.

Microsoft, for example, can already pencil you in. The company is only too eager to launch an Xbox Store on iOS. In addition, AltStore has also already announced that it is coming to the platform. This is an independent and open source store.

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