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Google is already getting away with unique Samsung Galaxy S24 feature

Samsung presented the new Galaxy S24 series last week. The phone’s unique selling point is Galaxy AI, the new AI features found on the device. Google is only now getting away with the most important feature.

It’s only been a week since we saw the spectacular presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S24 line. Even in the logo of the presentation we saw the unique feature Samsung wanted to promote its phone with: Circle to search.

But a week later, it turns out that feature really isn’t that unique. It’s coming to the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro very soon.


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This is Circle to Search on the Samsung Galaxy S24

When I first saw the Circle to Search feature, I was quite impressed. From now on, you can circle anything you see on your smartphone’s screen to then search for it.

On a Samsung Galaxy S24, you hold down the home button and then you can start circling. For example, in your favorite Netflix series, do you see a character with cool shoes? Draw a circle around it and then your phone displays all the results via Google.

Samsung Galaxy S24 hands-on: here's what you can do with AI.Circle to search isn’t so unique anymore. (Image: Samsung)

So basically, Circle to Search is an updated version of Google Lens. That feature allows you to search for similar products through a photo.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is getting away with it

Surely, during the presentation, Samsung gave us the impression that the feature was unique to the Galaxy S24 series. The reason to make the move to the new device, so to speak.

Only this turns out not to be so unique, as Google is now announcing that the feature is also coming to the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. And there’s another big contrast. With Samsung, AI features require a subscription after the first year. With Google, those will probably just stay free.

Also Magic Compose to Google

Another feature from Samsung is also coming to the Google Pixel 8 Pro. this is Magic compose. You can use this to have AI reply to messages. You can also choose what style the reply should be. Think aam Shakespearean, for example, or just formal.

In addition to announcing Google Circle to Search, it also immediately uses the moment to announce a new color of the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. As of now, it is also available in mint green. It will be available from 999 euros, which is thus considerably cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which was increased in price.

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